emmap.jpgEmma Pollock, former vocalist of The Delgados, is going solo with release of her new single Adrenaline. The song’s music video (found here on YouTube) was shot in Glasgow by director Blair Young who also shot videos for Franz Ferdinand and Camera Obscura.

“Even though I remember ‘Adrenaline’ as this immensely powerful song with this over-powering guitar, at the end of the day people are still describing it with words like ‘lovely’…and I’m thinking, ‘it’s not a lovely song! It’s an aggressive belt-whip of a song! Certainly in the concerts I’m sweating like a dog when I’m playing it! It’s almost as if I’m running a bloody marathon– I’ll come off stage absolutely soaking. I’m sure it keeps me fit,” said Pollock to Pitchfork of her latest release.

Be on the look out this September for her debut solo LP Watch the Fireworks