catpower.jpgCause she is “The Greatest” (souldn’t resist myself) because not only did she win the Sixth Annual Shortlist Music Prize for her album “The Greatest,” but she’s also the first women first woman to win the Shortlist Music Prize.

Cat Power, also a Shortlist finalist in 2003 for her album “You Are Free,” was selected by panel of nine Listmakers including Franz Ferdinand, Panic at the Disco, Sufjan Stevens and members of Snow Patrol, the Killers and Flaming Lips.

This year’s remaining nine finalists also included ROCKHERS Joanna Newsome and Regina Spektor.

The Shortlist Music Prize was founded in 2001 to honor the most creative and adventurous albums of the year and shine a spotlight on emerging artists.

Past Emerging Winners:Sigur Ros
Damien Rice
TV on the Radio
Sufjan Stevens

“The Greatest” on iTunes includes a previously unreleased Cat Power track
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