sia.jpgRockHer Top Tunes alum Sia needs artwork done for upcoming new album ‘Some People Have Real Problems’, and she wants YOU to design it! The winners gets their design included in the album artwork, artwork credit, and will also snag an autographed copy of the album when it comes out! Don’t panic if you think your past artwork looked better in kindergarten then it does now. Sia is NOT looking for Picasso. In fact, Sia says


“The less time you spend on it, the more likely I am to use it. Discipline! One minute to draw it – and unleash your inner four year old!”

The Rundown



  • Theme: Computer Art (see above cover art, or go to her website for a better idea)
  • Create a design based around one of the track titles (see below)
  • All entries will be added to the competition gallery and, from your pictures, Sia will then choose the images that will feature on the final artwork.
  • Submitting entries for more than one track is ok.
  • To enter, please use the form here and attach your image via the upload facility.
  • Design submissions need to be in jpeg format, 13cm x 13cm in dimension and no larger than 250kb in file size.
  • For further inspiration, you can click on the song titles below in order to view the lyrics.

  1. Little Black Sandals
  2. Lentil
  3. Day Too Soon
  4. You Have Been Loved
  5. The Girl You Lost to Cocaine
  6. Academia
  7. I Go To Sleep
  8. Playground
  9. Death By Chocolate
  10. Soon We’ll Be Found
  11. Electric Bird
  12. Beautiful Calm Driving
  13. Lullaby
  14. Buttons

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