Even super-cute london song birds can call in sick from a few days of work. Lily's doctors note Sorry EU, but Lily will not be performing at the following gigs: Oya Festival - Norway Way Out West Festival - Gothenburg -Sweden Sagres - Portugal Lowlands ...Read More

What could possibly be better then Chan 'Cat Power' Marshal's 2000 Covers Record? How about a second one?! That's right, we're only 5 months away from Chan's Covers Record 2! Or at least, that's when the Shortlist Prize winning artist ...Read More

Guess which awesome alternative band's almost ready to start recording new music? Stellastarr*! We know, the headline is a dead giveaway...Any-who, the band announced they're just about done writing - with 11 songs in the can- and are just a ...Read More

The following is a message from Too Pure: Home to such captivating artists as Electrelane, Scout Niblett, Stereolab and Future Of The Left, too pure announces its first ever monthly subscription service in honor of that most coveted and enduring artefact ...Read More

Surprise, surprise, yet another video leak on YouTube. Victim: Austrailian singer Sia whose latest video 'Buttons' (directed by Kris Moyes) has recieved 260,195 views (as of this posting). The video, featuring Sia's celephan-wrapped, scotch tape trapped, clothes pin-snapped head, is ...Read More