catpower.jpgWhat could possibly be better then Chan ‘Cat Power’ Marshal’s 2000 Covers Record? How about a second one?! That’s right, we’re only 5 months away from Chan’s Covers Record 2! Or at least, that’s when the Shortlist Prize winning artist told us it’ll be out (via MySpace, of course). *Bonus* With 24 covers to choose from, Chan’s thinking of making it a double volume set! So if you think about it, it’ll be like 3 total Cat Power cover albums. That’s a lot of Cat Power. I’m sure she’s thinking it over real hard while mixing the record AS I TYPE in Dallas, Texas with Stuart Sikes (White Stripes, Loretta Lynn). Stay tuned to ROCKHER for more updates on CAT POWER’S COVERS RECORD 2 due out on Matador in January.