rave.jpgAfter three albums released on Columbia, and much speculation, The Ravenonetts official announced (via MySpace) that they are moving on from the major label scene:

“…it’s time to move on. Being on a major label definitely had its advantages and a few downs, of course. They treated us extremely well, I really have no complaints but (we) feel it’s time to go in a slightly different direction. The major label system sometimes doesn’t allow for outside

“help” to get involved, meaning that we don’t get to choose who we wanna work with. That can be a pretty terrible thing and bad things will surely come of it. Therefore we’ve decided to go with indie labels around the world and only get involved with people who truly care and people who feel we can take The Raveonettes to the next level.”

‘Lust Lust Lust’ is scheduled to release November 12th on UK-based indie label Fierce Panda, and the band promises “pretty spectacular” album artwork in “3d baby!”