kimya.jpgWith the enormous success of the indie film Juno, super-talented rockHer Kimya Dawson has been attracting some much unwelcome attention from Corporate America. In her recently posted MySpace blog, Kimya writes:

“In the past couple days, I have had two big money offers from Walmart. Fuck you Walmart. I will never EVER write music for you. Fuck you for destroying our communities. Fuck you for homogenizing our world with your shitty, poorly made crap. Fuck you for fucking your employees.

Talk about taking a stand for what you believe in?! This takes incredible guts. Kimya continues with this message about females in Hollywood:

“I am so glad Juno wasn’t a bimbo. Too many female film characters are.
Please girls, don’t pretend you are weak or dumb because you think that is how you have to be.”

And we all say, Amen.