Music Industry Present: Major record labels dump hard earned eggs in reality-televised-pop-star-basket, while many overlooked yet talented artists sit in the dust wondering:  Who will help subsidize the hefty price tag involved in recording my quality tracks?

Music Industry Future: Hungry, music-loving fans sponsor their favorite artists by investing a dollar or six or fifty out of their pocket and into the PayPal Account of said favorite artist thus contributing and financing great, life altering music to the world and beyond! How’d you like to put that on your resume?

First musician up we’ve got Annie Hardy and her Giant Drag Relief Fund. Many of you, including myself, have been hounding Annie about the release date of her next album, and here’s the sad truth:

no label + no money + bad record deal = no new album

But multiply $5 by 29646 MySpace Friends and Giant Drag will be off to a great start, or they can buy a modest-sized home in Austin, Texas. Either way, funding the artist directly will empower fans to turn this negative industry into a positive space for the next generation of great talent!

To donate to the next Giant Drag, go to and click the PayPal button in the Bio section.