monae.jpgHoly crap where did Janelle Monae come from (Kansas City, Kansas) and how come it took me so long to finally listen to the tracks on her MySpace page? Of the super long list of artists I listen to every night, her name got shuffled to the bottom, but finally, FINALLY I’ve listened and I’m never turning back.

In short, she’s the female version Andre 3000 (no wonder Outkast featured her on their Idlewild soundtrack) with the same explosive artistic presence and fully conceptualized creative videos (as proven below).

Many Moons mixes retro and futuristic beats over heavy drums (very Bombs Over Baghdad), and the video showcases a fairly masculine/robotic Monae’s visualization on the future of theatrical live entertainment. How? How are all these things blended together so seamlessly? Elephants and brides and dancing? It almost sounds like a Pixar film, but for grown-ups. Just watch. Just watch over and over and over because one time will not be enough to take all these visual effects in.

FYI this video debuted on BET last August….how did we miss this? Time to crawl out of the hole…