She’s got the vocal range and quirkyness of Regina Spektor, and the creative song composition of Bjork. Anni Rossi is to the viola what Fiona Apple is to the piano. Musical Soulmates.  That’s a lot of comparrison, we know, but still, the same tingly feeling of excitement overcame us in similar ways to when we first listened to Regina, Bjork, and Fiona, and now we can add Anni’s name to that growing list of insanely talented multi-instrumental musicians.

Twenty-three year old Anni is fresh off her SXSW tour, and has recently released her first full-length album Rockwell on 4AD. The Mid-western classicaly trained singer/musician brings new meaning to the phrase musical energy, and has already developed a solid fan base while touring extensively through the US and Europe (including opening for The Ting Tings, Electrelane, and Camera Obscura).

Rockwell shares songs like ‘Wheelpusher’ (see below) ‘Machine’, and ‘Ecology’ with Afton, Anni’s first and only EP.

Watch here as she performs ‘Wheelpusher’ from her debut release album Rockwell (now available from 4AD records, did we mention this yet?). Anni’s string playing genius trumps high budget back-up dancers and visual effects any day.


Anni Rossi Website