Listening to legendary singer/songwriter Carole King‘s recently released 2disc compilation album The Essential Carole King immediately brings you back to a time when music was at its purest level; really iconic memorable songwriting with an equally iconic and memorable singer.  And though thousands of ambitious singer/songwriters have tried, even hundreds somewhat  succeeding, it’s undeniable that nobody can do it quite like Carole.

The Essential Carole King is split between two discs: one featuring King as The Singer(including collaborations with Celine Dion, Babyface, and James Taylor) and the other featuring her as The Songwriter

You almost forget that it was King who’s responsible for such uber successful songs, like “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” (The Shirelles), “The Loco Motion” (Little Eva), and “One Fine Day” (The Chiffons), along with 12 other songs so ingrained in your brain that you don’t even have to listen to the music to sing the karaoke. And despite the glaringly obvious omission of Aretha Franklin’s “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman,” there’s still more nostalgia packed into The Songwriter then at your high school reunion.

But the true nostalgia for this listener is on The Singer which focuses on a compilation of songs recorded and released over 9 albums,  including hits like “You’ve Got A Friend,” So Far Away,”  and “It’s Too Late” along with 15 other tracks. The very same goosebumps I got on my very first listen to King’s Tapestry (1971) were well received again after hearing those first few chords of “I Feel The Earth Move,” reminding me once again why King is (in my humble opinion) the single most important female artist in American music history with the song catalog to prove it. She’s more then just an iconic, memorable, talent. Carole King is the Queen.

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CD 1 – The Singer
1. It Might As Well Rain Until September
2. Child Of Mine
3. I Feel The Earth Move
4. So Far Away
5. It’s Too Late
6. You’ve Got A Friend
7. Sweet Seasons
8. Been To Canaan
9. Corazón
10. Jazzman
11. Nightingale
12. Only Love Is Real
13. Will You Love Me Tomorrow/Some Kind Of Wonderful/Up On The Roof (Live) w/James Taylor
14. Really Rosie
15. Pierre
16. You Can Do Anything w/ Babyface
17. The Reason w/Celine Dion
18. Now And Forever Car

CD 2 – The Songwriter

1. Will You Love Me Tomorrow – The Shirelles
2. Take Good Care Of My Baby – Bobby Vee
3. Every Breath I Take – Gene Pitney
4. Crying In The Rain – The Everly Brothers
5. The Loco – Motion Little Eva
6. Up On The Roof – The Drifters
7. Chains – The Cookies
8. One Fine Day – The Chiffons
9. Oh No Not My Baby – Maxine Brown
10. Just Once In My Life – The Righteous Brothers
11. Pleasant Valley Sunday – The Monkees
12. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman – Aretha Franklin
13. No Easy Way Down – Dusty Springfield
14. Wasn’t Born To Follow – The Byrds
15. Hey Girl – Billy Joel