Le Pop (Nettwerk) by Norweigian pop group Katzenjammer is our album release pick of the week! The 4-piece group is part Dixie Chicks/part Euro circus with tons of catchy pop songs. Immediately download songs like their single “A Bar In Amsterdam” and “Tea With Cinnamon” while waiting for your recently ordered copy to arrive. Trust us, you’ll love it.

Le Pop

1. Overture
2. A Bar In Amsterdam
3. Demon Kitty Rag
4. Tea With Cinnamon
5. Hey Ho On the Devil’s Back
6. Wading In Deeper
7. Le Pop [Explicit]
8. Der Kapitan
9. Virginia Clemm
10. Play My Darling
11. To The Sea
12. Mother Superior
13. Ain’t No Thang