It’s been nearly 15 years since we first watched Tracy Bonham charge into the musical depths of the  mid-90s MTV BuzzBin with angst-ridden national anthem “Mother, Mother,” off her grammy nominated debut album The Burdens of Being Upright. But Bonham has since peeled back the layers and lyrics of adolesencent whoas to revel a more mature catalog of music. Today, 3 EP’s and 3 full-length albums later, Bonham introduces the world to 11 new tracks (produced by both Bonham and Tchad Blake) which creates Masts of Manhatta. 

With songs about falling in love,  getting married, moving from the city to the country, to the adoption of a future child, the themes of Masts of Manhatta are certianly a far departure from her earlier days, but still, Bonham’s music ages as seemlessly as her songs are composed.

Much like 2005’s Blink The Brightest, her last full-length release in five years, Masts of Manhatta  showcases her remarkable multi-instrumental capabilities (she plays everything from violin to guitar to piano to spaghetti pot) , and her playfully  introspective lyrics on life, love, loss, volunerability, patience,  and exceptance. Her seemingly effortless fluctuating vocal range enhances the softer side of songs like  “Your Night Is Wide Open,” and “Recripocal Feelings.” But fans of Bonhams past will find comfort in her iconic violinst skills in “Devil’s Got Your Boyfriend.” Manhatta is all about showcasing a new, and musically evolved  artist that’s all about living and writing in the moment, no matter what that moment happens to be, and has plenty of Tracy goodness to keep it in heavy rotation for your “new music” playlis .  

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Masts of Manhatta – (Engine Room Recordings)

Track list
1. Devil’s Got Your Boyfriend
2. Your Sight Is Wide Open
3. Big Red Heart
4. Josephine
5. When You Laugh The World Laughs With You
6. We Moved Our City To The Country
7. Reciprocal Feelings – victorian
8. In the Moonlight
9. You’re My Is-ness
10. Angel, Won’t You Come Down?
11. I Love You Today