After a six year break, Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor reunite as ethereal music duo Azure Ray, releasing their fourth full-length Eric Bachmann-produced album Drawing Down The Moon on Omaha’s favorite indie label Saddle Creek Records.

Despite their absence from Azure Ray, Fink and Taylor stayed busy, each with their own musical endeavors, releasing multiple solo albums between the two.

Although it’s hard to top what they already achieved on 2003’s critically acclaimed album Hold On Love, Drawing Down The Moon’s twelve songs beautifully captures the often lonely world of longing, uncertainty, and¬†heart ache. The lyrical loneliness is matched with the melodic, delicate acoustical guitars of “Larraine,” the sweeping violins of “On and On Again,” and the dreamy, harp-filled lullaby “Wake Up, Sleepyhead.”

Drawing Down The Moon shows Azure Ray effortlessly picks back up their signature soft electro/acoustical sound and melancholy lyrical capabilities right back where they left it.

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Azure Ray – Don’t Leave My Mind by ginoballon

Drawing Down The Moon

1. Wake Up, Sleepyhead (harps)
2. Don’t Leave My Mind
3. In the Fog
4. Larraine
5. On and On Again
6. Make Your Heart
7. Silver Sorrow
8. Signs in the Leaves (giving up someone you love and then longing for them)
9. Love and Permanence
10. Shouldn’t Have Loved
11. Dancing Ghosts
12. Walking in Circles