RockHer’sâ„¢ Mission aims to advance women’s music, create an awareness of women’s contributions to music, and promote healthy female musical role models through the information on our website.


Let’s face it, today’s leading music publications just don’t pay enough attention to women rockHers. And most often when they do, it’s to feature all the wrong body parts, ask all the wrong questions, and will likely neglect her contributions to the music industry to focus on more tabloid issues.


We’re a group of die hard music lovHers shining much needed media spotlight on the greatest female musicians/singers/songwriters of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. On our website, readers are able to seek out live event info, and music reviews, articles, featured bands and artists, listen to new music, and so much more.

Nicole Shaffer, a Brooklyn-based guitar player and writer, founded the site and concept back in 2006. Everything on this site is written, coded, designed, conceived, and conjurerd up by Nicole unless otherwise noted. Laura Romaine designed the RockHerâ„¢ logo. Nicole is a lively, articulate, witty woman, who is well-versed in the music industry and pop culture.


The concept for RockHerâ„¢ was born on a boiling hot summer day in 2006. While flipping through a stack of unread Spin magazines at Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando Florida, founder Nicole Shaffer started to notice that most of her favorite female artists in rock music were overlooked and under exposed. Most of the women featured were half naked pop singers wearing leather bra tops (a gross generalization, some were wearing sequin bra tops”¦). She noticed the same pattern of women musician underexposure in Rolling Stone, Billboard, and Blender. “There’s got to be more to music then what these mags are focusing on,” Nicole thought, which led her on a full-on woman hunt to discover the most talented and unnoticed female bands and artists. She was right, thus the creation of RockHerâ„¢.

The official domain RockHerMag.com was purchased that Winter, and after many many trial-and-error-hits-and-misses with web design, RockHerâ„¢ launched Spring of 2007. Today, RockHerMag.com is going strong, receiving 10,000 hits a month, and continues to grow a strong following. But Nicole still believes that the things are just getting started”¦

RockHerâ„¢ is all about love, respect, and support towards women in the music industry, and want to build a community of those who promise to love, respect, and support one another, and not bring each other down. Because of this, we made a list of promises to our readers and fellow musicians:


“¢ To focus on music first, news second, and leave the scandals to Us Weekly
“¢ To remain a healthy role model for the next generation of rockHers to look up to
“¢ To stay positive and only talk about who we love, cause it takes too much energy to be negative
“¢ To value the diversity of all music genres because music is music no matter the instrument
“¢ To remain a safe, creative, care free space for women musicians and those who adore them


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Complaints & MP3 Removal

MP3s are for sampling purposes only. Please buy the album if you like what you hear. If you have a complaint about the ownership of a track, please contact me directly at contactus@rockhermag.com with “MP3 Removal” in the subject and we will be happy to take it down ASAP. By submitting recorded material to RockHerâ„¢ you are implying the right to post mp3s. If you do not want to authorize the posting of your music without more explicit instructions, please include a short note stating as such.