While sorting through this years list of 100+ artists playing at various Lilith Fairs across the country, I stumbled upon a group of four musical sisters going by the name SHEL. An acronym for their names (Sarah, Hanna, Eva, and ...Read More

Philadelphia born and raised rapper Amanda Blank combines the best of old skool hip-hop MC skills with dance pop tracks and sassy lyrics best comparable to Lady Soverign, Santigold, M.I.A., (you catch where we're going with this list). Read More

Screaming Females Power Move available now through Don Giovanni Records When thinking of New Jersey, a few iconic images come to mind: Read More

She's got the vocal range and quirkyness of Regina Spektor, and the creative song composition of Bjork. Anni Rossi is to the viola what Fiona Apple is to the piano. Musical Soulmates.  That's a lot of comparrison, we know, but still, the same tingly feeling of ...Read More

24-year-old Norwegian rockHer Ida Maria is relatively unknown in the US. And that sucks because she wrote a song about me that's really super awesome ("Queen Of The World"), Read More

Who: Be Good Tanyas From: Vancouver, British Columbia Label: Nettwerk Records Sounds Like: A country, blues, folk smoothie with added protein boost Read More

RockHer's "a little bit - a little bit - a little bit - in la la la la love with you" Lykke Li. The 22-year-old world traveling Swede released her debut album, Youth Novels, in the U.S. a few weeks ago and we haven't ...Read More

San Antonian childhood BFF's Jenn Alva (bass), Phanie Diaz (drums), and Phanie's little sis Nina (vox/guitar) formed this all-female rock band back in high school, Read More

Rumor has it Kill Rock Star's Marnie Stern is working on her follow-up sophomore album to 2007's debut In Advance of the Broken Arm. Who's not excited!? Read More

Ever hear something that sounds so refreshing yet familiar at the same time? Familiar in a comfortable-nostalgic type of way? Familiar in a 'take me back to that day' way? Read More