The video for "Future Eyes" by Asheville, NC residents Ear Pwr sounds and looks like the song took a hit of acid. It's just pure fun synth indie pop dance hoop-la that we just can't stop listening too. Dust off ...Read More

Awesome new dance-dance Eurythmics-ess song from Bat For Lashes called 'Daniel' - her newest single off upcoming album release Two Suns (droping April 6th). Happy Friday :) Read More

Rumor has it Kill Rock Star's Marnie Stern is working on her follow-up sophomore album to 2007's debut In Advance of the Broken Arm. Who's not excited!? Read More

Remember Gabby Glaser from Luscious Jackson? Since calling it quits with LJ in 2000, The Gab's been busy writing songs, jamming, and fronting her solo project, and put together a crazy-great debut solo album titled Gimme Splash. Download single 'Naturally ...Read More

Ever hear of a show called Curl Girls on MTV's Logo Channel? Neither have we, but we got word that Von Iva, a 4-piece San Fran-based group of RockHer, produced the theme song for the new surf-girl reality series and ...Read More

Learn: Formed in the Early 90s, German/French band Stereo Total (Francoise Cactus, Brezel Goring) has been recording and touring like crazy, even opening for American band The Strokes on their summer 2002 tour. With so much material, former label Bungalow recently ...Read More

U.K born, Sri Lanka bred hip-hop M.C. MIA just added tour dates for August and September, no doubt to promote her new album, Kala, coming up soon featuring guest acts including Diplo, Timbaland, and Three 6 Mafia. Sneak Peak: MIA Bird ...Read More