Ok, so she's not exactly touring heavily around the US, but she is going up and down the West Coast (lucky...you get all the good shows). Extra Lucky: she's probably playing songs off her second album released this year, Lynn ...Read More

New Album Bitchin' to hit Stores September 18, 2007   We're so excited, we wrote cha' a little song, and it goes a little something like this: Yeah yeah yeah/Bitchin' is gonna be the/best Donnas album ever/yeah yeah yeah/self-released on girls new label/Purple ...Read More

Remember Gabby Glaser from Luscious Jackson? Since calling it quits with LJ in 2000, The Gab's been busy writing songs, jamming, and fronting her solo project, and put together a crazy-great debut solo album titled Gimme Splash. Download single 'Naturally ...Read More

We told you August would be a great month. Not only is the new Von Iva album due out, but Rilo Kiley's new album Under The Blacklight is coming out on August 21st! PreSale is going on right now. To buy ...Read More