Metric's video for Eclipse "All Yours" premiered yesterday, exclusively on Myspace, and now we've got it for all our Twilight, Metric, and Emily Haines fans out there. Brantley Guiterrez directed the video, while Howard Shore helped with the composure of ...Read More

Artist: Ash Koley Song: Balance Net:,             Read More

Philadelphia born and raised rapper Amanda Blank combines the best of old skool hip-hop MC skills with dance pop tracks and sassy lyrics best comparable to Lady Soverign, Santigold, M.I.A., (you catch where we're going with this list). Read More

Economy got you down? Thinking of giving up The Dream and getting a job at the Post Office? Don't give up hope yet. Lucid Nation posted this blog to address the current state of the music biz and includes some ...Read More

By: Cat Veit Album: 11 Chances Artist: Courtney Fairchild Label: Stanley Recordings Info:                It's the voice. It's the voice that will ultimately stop you dead in your tracks as you saunter drunk from the bar to the foul one-stall bathroom of a smoky ...Read More

Wasn't sure if Metric could continue to ride the wave of musical excellence after their past two albums (Live It Out, Old World Underground), but the Canadian indie-pop/rock band has successfully reached new heights in electro-sound with their latest album Fantasies released ...Read More

Holy crap where did Janelle Monae come from (Kansas City, Kansas) and how come it took me so long to finally listen to the tracks on her MySpace page? Of the super long list of artists I listen to every ...Read More

ANTI Records just released (via MySpace, of course) new details of the highly-anticipated (at least to us it is) new record titled Middle Cyclone. The 15-track album will release on March 3rd of 2009, and be her first album out in ...Read More

Is it us or does the entire world seem to be falling apart? You're right, maybe it's us, but it's also irritated, hard working indie record labels towards MySpace Music's latest, um, transformation? We've tried to find a positive spin ...Read More

Music Industry Present: Major record labels dump hard earned eggs in reality-televised-pop-star-basket, while many overlooked yet talented artists sit in the dust wondering:  Who will help subsidize the hefty price tag involved in recording my quality tracks? Music Industry Future: Hungry, music-loving fans sponsor their favorite artists by ...Read More

With the enormous success of the indie film Juno, super-talented rockHer Kimya Dawson has been attracting some much unwelcome attention from Corporate America. In her recently posted MySpace blog, Kimya writes: "In the past couple days, I have had two big ...Read More

the bird and the bee - Please Clap Your Hands EP Buy CD | Download on iTunes | Inara George and Greg Kurstin, a.k.a. the bird and the bee, have been gathering critical accolades and fans since the March 2007 release ...Read More

After three albums released on Columbia, and much speculation, The Ravenonetts official announced (via MySpace) that they are moving on from the major label scene: "'s time to move on. Being on a major label definitely had its advantages and a ...Read More

New song loaded on The Like MySpace that we think is pretty fan-fablous. Check out (Before I Break Your Heart) Release Me preformed live for Indie 103.1. We love it, and we thought you would too.     Read More

The summer festival season is nearing a close, but not without a GALANG, After indie Sri Lankan hip-hopper M.I.A. got kicked off stage at Scottland's 2007 Connect Festival this past weekend, and thanks to YouTube (and the person actually taping) ...Read More