Listening to legendary singer/songwriter Carole King's recently released 2disc compilation album The Essential Carole King immediately brings you back to a time when music was at its purest level; really iconic memorable songwriting with an equally iconic and memorable singer.  And though ...Read More

By: Cat Veit Album:   Dance Mother Artist:   Telepathe Label:  IAMSOUND Info: As listen to Telepathe's debut album Dance Mother with your eyes closed, one might envision neon. Lots of neon -- or walking into your local Urban Outfitters to buy overpriced, plastic hipster swag. ...Read More

By: Cat Veit Album: 11 Chances Artist: Courtney Fairchild Label: Stanley Recordings Info:                It's the voice. It's the voice that will ultimately stop you dead in your tracks as you saunter drunk from the bar to the foul one-stall bathroom of a smoky ...Read More

Album: The Reminder Label: Cherrytree/Interscope Buy The Reminder Here Official Feist Site: Listen: to the entire album on her site Leslie Feist puts out her FANTASTIC must-listen to second album, The Reminder, follow up to 2004's Let It Die. We've listened to it ...Read More