Holy goosebumps. Solange totally nailed this cover of Zero-7's "Destiny." Holy goosebumps. Read More

Watch Maria and her mail-box smashing, wine shoplifting, water balloon attacking, spray-paint vandilizing girlfriends wreak havoc in the burbs while wearing the most beautiful, fluffy, girly dresses ever to be found in a thrift shop in her new music video "Time ...Read More

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Guess who's going on tour starting next Friday? I'll give you no chances, cause her name and picture are at the top of the post. Cheaters. Who cares, Lykke Li is coming to Brooklyn! Not coming to your city? Well ...Read More

One Camera, One Take, One Feist, and lots of fireworks. Enjoy the new video Read More

Sometimes the music video is way cooler then the single it represents, and sometimes the single is way cooler then the video for it, but on a rare occasion, both compliment each other equally as proof in Emily Haines & ...Read More

And just when we thought we'd heard the best...after a little poking and prodding around YouTube, we found video footage of St.Vincent singing "These Days," like the little rockHer she is, in a DUMBO session (assuming that's in Brooklyn...isn't it ...Read More

RockHer is not exactly Riot Grrrl, but we do support it and think all you female RockHer fans should check out "Don't Need You: The Herstory of Riot Grrrl" documentary directed by Kerri Koch now available on DVD. Here's the ...Read More

In less then a month Tegan & Sara will release The Con in record stores across America (July 24th to be exact). And if your a super T&S fan, make sure to look out for the Deluxe Edition which comes ...Read More