Artist: Sia Song: You've Changed Album: We Are Born (June 22) Label: Jive - R.E.D. Records Read More

"Here Comes Your Man" BY: Meaghan Smith 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack (Nettwerk Music, Feb 2010) Read More

Artist: Janelle Monae ft. Big Boi Song: Tightrope Album: The Archandroid (May 18th) Label: Bad Boy Read More

Artist: Sia Song: Clap Your Hands Album: We Are Born (June 22) Label: Jive - R.E.D. Read More

Band: Shel Song: Blueberry Rubber Band Album: Try To Scream (Summer 2010) Label: Republic Nashville Read More

Artist: Ash Koley Song: Balance Net:,             Read More

Artist: Jennifer Lopez ft.Pitbull Song: Fresh Out The Oven Album: Love (March 2010) Notes: A very sexually empowering Jennifer Lopez seductively cat calling in a fierce hair cut. For a married 40-year-old with 2 kids wearing a lepoard jumpsuite, how can you hate? ...Read More

90s rock icons The Breeders are BACK! And if you've been longing for a little grunge-alt nestalgia, the music video for "Fate to Fatal" will bring you back to pre-YouTube days. "Fate to Fatal" is the title track from their ...Read More

Philadelphia born and raised rapper Amanda Blank combines the best of old skool hip-hop MC skills with dance pop tracks and sassy lyrics best comparable to Lady Soverign, Santigold, M.I.A., (you catch where we're going with this list). Read More

PSAPP, the London-based electronic/experimental/pop group, just released their latest video for 'I Want That,' the second single off recently released album The Camel's Back, Read More

For the love of Sleater Kinny, who wouldn't be excited about a new music video for one of our favorite featured bands Girl in a Coma? "Their Cell" was recorded way back on their album Both Before I'm Gone (Blackheart ...Read More

We mentioned Ani Difranco stopping by the Wall Street Journal Cafe a few weeks ago to promote her latest album Red Letter Year, and we've recently found YouTube footage of the event Read More

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Can NOT get this Meiko song out of our head! "La la la la not to be friends with Boys With Girlfriends. I know better then that, yes I know better." Ok, so we don't really sound at all like ...Read More

The newest music vid from Adele, Make You Feel My Love, is amazing on so many levels. First, we love the fact that you can hear her voice so crisply, it's as if the background music was an afterthought to ...Read More